• Spring adhesive tape base design.Generally, if package is over stuffed, the packing will be easily blocked in the machine so as to cause of malfunction. this machine is free form this worry.
  • One- way roll design to avoid tape spring back due to interia affect after cutting, so as to make lower carton bottom fail to stick- on the tape for next saling and different tape sizes adjustment.
  • Adopt of worm type of width adjustment.
  • Safe operation & never being deformed.
  • Up & down 4 belts driving, minimum resistance, powerful driving to reach up to 50 kgs loading weight.
  • Adopt of belt imported from Japan. "V" belt added inside with durability and is free from loosening.

  • Upper folding cover with auxiliary device to avoid to folding for double sides cover of the carton, so as to make carton sealing quick and carton's size or machine's height adjustable.

  • Movable delivery table, space- saving, & freight-savling.
  • Easy to maintain. All parts are made of mold processed parts with 100% replaceable.

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